Enhanced Customer Satisfaction with Booking Manager Anonymous Communication Channel

Booking Manager System continues to redefine booking standards for the B2B charter market in cooperation with Sunsail & The Moorings, introducing a significant advancement to the System, improving safety, efficiency, and confidentiality for all users.


Confidentiality and efficient communication are paramount in an industry reliant on trust and relationships between charter operators, agents, and charter guests. Recognizing the evolving dynamics of the charter market, Booking Manager has been working closely with Sunsail & The Moorings actively collecting feedback to improve its services. In this process, it became clear there is a need for speeding up direct information exchange that streamlines the pre-departure process and greatly improves customer satisfaction. Removing the challenge of sharing sensitive customer contact information between agent and charter operator which is extremely valuable.We are now enabling anonymous sharing of this crucial information, Booking Manager empowers both charter operators and agents to enhance the customer experience, improving check-in procedures while safeguarding sensitive data.

Key features of the upgrade include:


1. Streamlined Pre-departure Process: The System allows agents to complete crew lists directly within Booking Manager, eliminating the need for additional tools or platforms.

2. Anonymous Communication: Charter operators can now share essential trip information, such as pre-departure protocols, with charter guests without accessing their sensitive contact details. This ensures a smooth check-in process for customers while maintaining confidentiality.

3. Customizable Communication: Agents have the option to retain full control over communication with charter guests, with the ability to disable automatic forwarding within the System.


By facilitating seamless communication and exchange of information, Booking Manager empowers users to manage the pre-departure process faster and easier than ever before. This aligns perfectly with Booking Manager's ongoing mission of redefining booking standards and supporting fair business practices for all parties involved. As a fully independent partner, Booking Manager recognizes its unique position on the market and maintains guarding confidential data to ensure the anonymity and security of communications within the System by effectively generating an opportunity for the yacht charter business community to co-create a mutually beneficial standard of customer service.

"As the 2024 season is well underway, we are sure this upgrade greatly improves customer experience, and therefore will be welcomed by all System users." says Marko Gnjidić, CEO of Booking Manager. "It not only enhances the guest’s experience but also strengthens the trust and efficiency within our industry. I must express gratitude to our exclusive partners at Sunsail & The Moorings, who first pointed out the need for streamlined anonymous communication and helped immediately in the development of this new feature."


For more information about Booking Manager and its latest System upgrade, please visit  Booking-Manager