World-leading IT solutions

We create intelligent and intuitive products that are designed to make everyday business easier, faster and more profitable for our clients. MMK team continuously aspire to produce customized cost-effective and sales-accelerating solutions for each of them. Our main goal is to provide effective products that deliver a complete business administration package with a software that fits your business, whether you’re a beginner or an established brand in the yacht charter industry.

Organize Your Company

Booking Manager

Booking Manager is a complete organizational solution for charter companies. It helps you automate your booking process, track your customers and make detailed statistical reports.

Booking Manager for Charter Operators:

  • Organize Your Company
  • Connect With Partners
  • Publish Your Fleet Online

Booking Manager for Charter Agencies:

  • Largest real-time Database
  • Speed up Your Workflow
  • Improve Your Website
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Customized CMS


Our development team uses the latest technologies to simplify content management and make back-end work faster. MMK dev and software designers continuously work on improving every aspect of user interface and background optimization.

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